Cannabis University of FLA Holds May Seminar

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( — May 1, 2014) Jacksonville, FL –Cannabis University of Florida is holding its next seminar will be held on May 3 for entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. They will be holding their next business seminar May 3rd.


The controversy continues to rage over the use of medical marijuana, even though several states have now passed laws allowing its use. Much of the argument about medical marijuana comes from misunderstandings about its use and side effects. Cannabis University of Florida, a group promoting the legalization of medical marijuana at, attempts to banish some of the common myths associated with medical marijuana use by sharing the facts with those who want to understand how marijuana can be a part of compassionate healthcare. To this end, Cannabis University of Florida is holding a seminar on May 3 to help those who are interested in becoming involved in the business of medical marijuana.


Now that Florida Amendment 2 is on the ballot for a vote in November, this Florida medical marijuana college has made it a priority to educate the public about myths regarding medical marijuana as well as business topics regarding the legal sale of this drug. Cannabis University acts as a Florida medical marijuana school, offering medical marijuana seminars that not only help dispel the myths about this drug but also offer help for those who want to get into the medical marijuana business.


Medical marijuana has been shown to provide reliable relief for the symptoms of cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Marijuana, despite the controversy surrounding it, may be safer than many prescription drugs that can be dangerous and addictive.


For more information on medical marijuana and the facts about this important drug, visit Cannabis University Florida also publishes a blog at with information about the latest events in the medical marijuana story. Those interested in the upcoming May 3 seminar can go to for more information.

About Cannabis University Florida: Cannabis University Florida was founded as an information center for the promotion of the safe and responsible use of medical marijuana as well as a resource to provide those who want to sell marijuana legally with information about this industry.
Cannabis University of Florida does not participate in any illegal activities including but not limited to growing, distributing, cultivating, or dispensing medical marijuana of any kind.


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