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(Newswire.net — May 1, 2014) Wollongong , NSW — 

“Happiness is a feeling each and every individual should get to experience” explains Vision Personal Training studio manager Rachel O’Neill. “And this month the team and I are on a mission to help not only our existing clients but the locals of Wollongong to embark on a journey to find happiness by offering a month of FREE personal training and much more to one lucky winner.” 


On May 1st 2014 Vision Personal Training Wollongong announced via social media the ‘May you be Happy’ campaign. The studio made a promise to strive towards creating a happy environment as well as offering free group classes to the public who share the competition. “Helping my clients achieve a healthy and happy life, is something I am very passionate about” Rachel beams.


According to several studies fit people are generally happy people. When someone engages in physical exercise their body releases endorphins and chemicals that relieve stress levels and lighten your mood. Cardiovascular exercise is also a simple and easy, immediate mood lifter.


“After speaking with my team and some of my clients I relised that at the root of most goals was to find happiness. I decided to launch this campaign to lift the mood of not only our existing members at Vision Personal Training but the public of Wollongong.” Anyone who enters the campaign can receive free group classes for a week. All campaign supporters will also go into the draw to win an Ultimate Happiness Prize Pack!.” 


This incredible prize pack includes:

  • — 8 personal training sessions over a month with on eof Vision’s Health Experts.
  • — Free access to all group classes at the Wollongong personal training studio.
  • — 1 60 minute shopping tour to teach what groceries to purchase.
  • — 1 50 minute Health and Happiness Seminar. 


So why is it so important to be happy?


Aside from the feeling of euphoria happy people have proven to be far more successful in numerous ways. Positive thinkers are generally much better problem solvers because they have a much broader outlook on life. You should also avoid making a big decision when you are in a bad mood, because it is when you are happy that you will be capable of making the best possible decision. Aside from all of this, it is also impossible to be stressed when you are happy!


To join Vision Personal Training Wollongong’s quest for happiness click here simply enter your details. So put a smile on your dial and enjoy your day because being healthy and happy is in! 


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