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( — May 6 — Scottsdale, AZ

May is Small Business Month. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners will enjoy a power-packed day of timely discussions, the state of small business, and need-to-know essentials such as mobile payments and boosting productivity, plus meaningful interactions at BizCon on May 7.


In an interview with Dr. Donna Marie Thompson, President of Expert Profit Solutions, Rick Murray, the CEO of the Arizona Small Business Association relayed, “I’m looking forward to BizCon 2014; this year’s BizCon is going to be bigger than ever and will be a total game changer. There is a new reality in business. Things have changed! The customers are more educated and everyone is linked like never before with technology. Small business success is now within reach for the agile and tech-enabled business.”


Yet according to a recent Gallup Poll nearly 25% of small business owners are forced to work a second job in order to survive. Why the dichotomy?


According to Dr. Thompson, “the difference lies is providing exceptional customer value, at a profit. Small business owners who focus on top line growth only have part of the picture. The small business owners who offer exceptionally deep discounts can severely damage their bottom line profits and actually work their way right out of business. The most successful, profitable entrepreneurs and small business owners serve their clients at a profit, watch thier costs, and employ technology. That’s what it takes to run a sustainable, profitable, successful small business. As competition intensifies, effective small business management strategies are tested under fire. The strong and agile business owner will thrive in this rapidly changing, complex business environment. You can even boost your profits on declining sales! Keeping an eye on the bottom line and paying close attention to what really matters to your customers is the secret. It’s all about performance measurement and management.”


“Many small businesses are leaking money even though they are profitable. BizCon will reveal new small business strategies and practical tools to guide entrepreneurs to increase small business success”, continued Dr. Thompson.


About: Dr. Donna Marie Thompson is an acclaimed platform and cruise ship speaker, two-time best-selling author, and small business profitability consultant. Her new book, Peak Profit Potential: A 4-Step Program to Stop Your Business From Leaking Money is packed with proven and practical tools to boost yiour bottom line. She has earned an MBA, CPA, and PhD in International Business from George Washington University and was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.






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