Nicole DeAvilla Named as 2014 Thought Leader

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( — May 5, 2014) Kentfield, CA — When Nicole DeAvilla says she hopes to be a catalyst for better health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals around the world it isn’t just wishful thinking. By forming partnerships with other thought leaders, business professionals, health care providers and seasoned yoga professionals, she is expanding her reach across the web and in person in countries from the U.S. to Italy and China.


This is just one of the reasons that entrepreuner Alicia Dunams has named the bestselling author of The 2 Minute Yoga Solution FAST and EASY Stress and Back Pain Relief for ANYONE at ANYTIME, DeAvilla, as one of the Top 9 Thought Leaders to Watch in 2014. DeAvilla, a 30 year veteran of Yoga, has been a pioneer in yoga therapy, prenatal yoga and yoga standards. She has appeared on TV and is frequently interviewed and appears as a guest blogger across the web. She is currently on the first-ever Accreditation Committee for the International Association of Yoga Therapists which has been charged with implementing the new yoga therpay educational standards, tasked with designing applications and protocols, creating policies and procedures and accrediting yoga therapy programs worldwide.


DeAvilla’s newly created online trainings for enterpreneurs, busy moms, and anyone looking to learn the techniques of meditation and yoga in just minutes a day have taken off with studetns reporting results in the first day of 90 Day programs such as Feel Fabulous in 90 Days with 2 Minute Meditation. “People need to be able to easily incorporate scientifically validated techniques into thier busy lives that will give them immediate results and which they can build on to make meaningful lifestyle changes and habits so that they can reach their potential and live a lifestyle they love.” says DeAvilla.


Yoga Professional Academy is her latest venture which will be launched at the Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research in Austin, Texas June 5-8, 2014. Combining a high tech, user friendly platform to deliver high quality training and business support for yoga and yoga therapy studios and schools, DeAvilla will be creating an environment that will help the faculty, directors and owners of  training programs, deliver the highest quality education and the much needed business support often lacking in this industry in a collegiate and collaborative manner designed to support and mentor yoga professionals.


With a multitude of projects just launched or still in the beta phase designed to reach individuals where they need it most – in their homes, offices and while traveling – DeAvilla is already serving more students in more places.  Combine that with the professional services to help with the world-wide mentoring and traning of yoga professionals it’s easy to see how Dunams chose DeAvilla as a top thought leader to watch in 2014 – and how she is influencing the health and well being of individuals around the globe!


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