AMG Services Nursery Begins Spring Sales

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( — May 5, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona — By Christopher Chavez

A recent announcement from AMG Services begins a spring sale from the farm and nursery in which all speeds and bulbs are ten-percent off until the first of June.

According to AMG Services, the purpose of the sale is to boost sales volume in 2014. The company says it is vital for them to move inventory early in the spring planting season.

“In past years we’ve struggled with the early season sales,” says Jesse Walker, general manager for AMG Services. “In addition to lost revenue, slow sales in the spring also lead to logistical problems, so we’re hoping that this spring sale will benefit the company in multiple ways.”

While all seeds and bulbs will receive a ten-percent discount off of the retail price, there is no discount planned for other items such as tools and garden accessories. AMG Services will, however, offer a special coupon for an additional five-percent off of annuals with any purchase over one-hundred dollars.

“We’re cutting the margins very thin on the plants,” says Jesse Walker. “So we’re hoping that increased sales of seeds and bulbs will also lead to an up tick in sales of tools and accessories, which will help us recoup the money lost to seed discounts.”

AMG Services also announced that the company is almost ready to begin online sales of special seeds and bulbs that the nursery grows itself. The company expects their e-commerce website to be up and running sometime in the summer of 2014.

Jesse Walker commented on the upcoming online storefront: “We’re not sure exactly how the online sales are going to work out, but there are some plants that we grow here that we think we can distribute nationally and compete with the big seed sellers.”

In addition to the online store, AMG Services is also considering rolling out a customer loyalty program. The program is nearly ready for deployment, but management of AMG Services Farm and Nursery has yet to make the final decision regarding the future of the loyalty program.

“Loyalty programs work really well for some businesses,” says Jesse Walker. “But in other businesses there is the chance of driving away customers who don’t want to deal with the extra hassle, so we want to be very careful and make sure that we make the right choice about implementing the loyalty rewards.”

The AMG Services spring sale is in effect now and will continue until June first. The farm and nursery has been in business for fifteen years and offers a wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.