Documentary By Scott Tucker Seeks Fundraising

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( — May 5, 2014) Miami, Florida — Following the successful debut of his first feature length film, an avante-garde creative exploration, Scott Tucker is seeking producers to contribute funds to new film that will document the history of reggae and contain original footage of the underground and mainstream reggae scenes as they exist today. Tucker says that the new work will be much more closely tied to reality than his previous effort, but that his film making talents will cross over to documentaries well.

“A documentary is certainly a change of pace,” says Scott Tucker. “But I have no doubt that the film will still contain a signature look and feel that is my own. Viewers of the film can expect a gritty view of the reggae world, mixed with surrealistic elements and camera techniques.”

Scott Tucker maintains that the film can be made for less than five-hundred thousand dollars. He has currently raised a portion of that money from fans of his previous films. Tucker said that he considered crowd-sourcing some of the funds, but that he would prefer to work with a handful of serious investors.

“This is a project that I feel strongly about and I will do everything in my power to get the film made”, says Scott Tucker. “Crowdsourcing is still an option, but I think that the project will go more smoothly if I can work with a couple executive producers that care about the project as much as I do.”

Tucker stated that he plans on traveling extensively to explore the world of reggae as it exists today and will create plenty of original footage, as well as buying rights to some existing footage of reggae from the past. If Tucker reaches his funding goals, he will be traveling to major cities in Jamaica, Haiti, Central America, Africa, England and the United States.

“Today, reggae is everywhere,” says Scott Tucker. “However, there are still places where reggae is much more popular and where the trends of the reggae world are really being shaped. I want to document all of the differences and similarities in the reggae scenes across the world, from Kingston to London to New York city.”

Tucker is available for interested investors to contact through his personal email and phone, as well as through his production company.