AMG Services Volunteers At Nature Preserve

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( — May 5, 2014)  –Never be Bored published a new article encouraging readers to start volunteering in their communities.

When a local company in the technology field offered it’s services to the Newbourne Nature Preserve, both sides were more than pleased at the result. Never Be Bored, the leading site for people interested in being interested, opens the door on how anyone can volunteer for park and recreational clean up.

“Never Be Bored is always looking for anything people can do to stay interested in life, and we try our best to find the things that not only do that, but also give back to the lives of others,” says editor Shirley Watkins. “We’ve learned that helping others is by far the best way to keep away boredom as the added side benefits outweigh anything else.”

AMG Services representative Karen Gilchrist says they can’t help but help out and are very excited that the folks at Never Be Bored signed on to the idea as well.

“The more publicity the better. We want to get more people interested in volunteer work and helping to clean up the community. If we can get some more local businesses on board we can start a more steady, ongoing schedule that will keep the area clean on a more permanent basis.”

Watkins goes on to talk about a philosophy held by all at Never Be Bored: “Helping others doesn’t mean doing things you don’t want to do. You pick what you’re interested in and go from there. The mutually beneficial situations is what life is all about, and AMG Services hit this point dead on with their latest volunteer clean up. We hope that they will include us with any new projects they are involved with as lots of our readers are already doing volunteer work all around the world.”

AMG Services has been serving the local community with electronic repair and sales for the past 5 years. They plan on adding a new addition to their building as well as 3 new positions in the near future.

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