Postcards from the City, the UK Cityscape project.

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( — May 6, 2014) Northumberland County, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Pennsylvania — Mandy, 40, who runs Mandy Charlton Photography in Newcastle Upon Tyne is hoping to partially crowd fund the project via the crowd funding platform


Mandy Says “The UK cities provide with an amazing landscape of layered detailed beautiful cityscapes which promote and encourage investors to love our great country, in recent years we’ve suffered from knock backs which have at times lead to a culture of doom and gloom.  I want to turn that around, I want to present to the world an amazing book full of our glorious cities, cityscapes which are different and quirky and inviting, Postcards from the city which are edited in a way to make them look like beautiful landscape paintings or postcards from the past inviting us to “Come to the city” or “Wish you were here, isn’t the city great?”

She’ll be photographing the whole project using camera equipment made by Fuji, “they’re light, compact and they help me to produce amazing images”, because of their size alone it means she won’t have to struggle with bags of heavy camera equipment up the steep stone steps of exceptionally tall historic monuments”

No project like this has been undertaken, whilst you will find lists of UK cities and regional tourist information no one person has produced a book featuring all 69 cities of the United Kingdom


Mandy wants to present to the reader an amazing cornucopia of images representing the layered landscapes of the United Kingdom in all it’s glory.

“This initial funding will get me to many of the cities and as art is produced city by city I’m hoping that companies and individuals will get on board with sponsorship to enable me to continue this to fruition and I hope to produce a book and exhibition with the feel good factor”


Mandy said:

“I have been a working professional photographer for over 7 years and having just celebrated my 40th birthday, now is the time to be bold, to do something groundbreaking and be taken seriously as an artist.  I believe I’ve found something truly unique to present not just to the art world but to our great country in general”


If you want to help Mandy you can view her crowd funding project at or to contact her about sponsorship you can email her at


To view the project as it unfolds you can visit

Mandy Charlton Photography

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Northumberland County, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Pennsylvania NE6 1XH

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