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(Newswire.net — May 6, 2014) Ft Lauderdale, Fl — This program runs up to and including Windows 8 using 32 or 64 bit.  It works for on site/ on premises employees that need to clock in for the company to accurately monitor their time at work and can be remote if used with a “Go to my PC”.   Initially designed for small to enterprise level organizations, Punch Clock®  has honed in on the tracking of labor costs monitoring time and productivity.  Employee salaries are indeed perhaps the largest component of a business’ expenses, which necessitates the need to accurately track and allocate such expenses to the bottom line. 


The days of using manual time clocks with punch cards are somewhat antiquated however more importantly, there are inherent labor costs that are associated with these manual systems that are costly and still inefficient.  Errors are costly and can hurt employers and employees alike when human errors surface. 


Organizations can be complex with layers of management, supervisors, and general working staff  within the organization working at different times, skill sets, and of course, salary differentials.  Scheduling can be challenging yet such software solutions that Punch Clock® offers, enables a full command of these functions.


Management can change tasks, assignments, hours, and responsibilities through this comprehensive software that interfaces within the entire organization.  Additionally, with accounting software like Quickbooks, which has been coordinated and integrated with Punch Clock®  software, a company can track its salary payrolls to its expense and accounting submissions for tax and MIS (Management Information Systems) purposes. 


The other new redesign of their software is Time Sentry Mark II.  This prevents the reliance of local computers to alter times when employees attempt to falsify or “roll back” times that they desire to clock.  This prevents “Jury rigging” taking place by locking any changes at locations other than the central or “control” computer that the company maintains.  Employee Maintenance tracks the position, address, phone number, social security numbers, date of hire, dependents, taxes, withholdings, salary rate, and frequency of payments required.    The software meets all federal and state time keeping requirements and will allow social security information. 


It is a one time purchase program beginning at $50.00


For more information about time clocking software and benefits of these features, go to: http://punchclock.com


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