Redline Garage Gear Offers Unique Storage Solutions

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( — May 6, 2014) South Beloit, Illinois –Redline Garage Gear is a garage storage company created with the individual family garage in mind and not mass production. The garage storage solutions offered by Redline Garage Gear ( are specifically designed for each individual family. All of their American-made systems can be mixed and matched, so that all garages, large and small, can find their perfect storage fit. 


Redline Garage Gear understands that some stored items just do not fit in bins and drawers. Therefore they have options for those bulky, odd-shaped items such as overhead storage racks, storage walls, and even storage closets. These possibilities allow for those needed but uncooperative bits and pieces to have their own special place while still maintaining their accessibility.

With more than 400 options and 11 different powder-coat options, these garage cabinets ( are a win for every family’s specific needs. Despite the fact that their garage-specific design protects them against all kinds of extreme weather, chemicals, and generic “over time” breakdowns, these garage cabinets are warranted for a lifetime.

Make the garage a useable working space with a workbench ( Available in both stationary and rolling styles, these workbenches can be self-designed as well with mix and match drawer, door, and bin units, as well as color options. With their adjustable legs, they can stand firm despite an uneven floor.

Redline Garage Gear’s photo gallery and blog offer views of real-life garage storage solutions and testimonials. Once a family takes the time to go through and organize the garage, they will find that they had much more room than they even realized. That means more storage space to move in-the-way items from the house into the garage, making living areas even more spacious and accessible.



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