Scott Tucker Unveils New Line Of Shoes

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( — May 7, 2014)  — 


In a new article, A Shoe In Fashion looks at the latest line of shoes from designer Scott Tucker.

“When we first heard about Tucker’s new shoe line we were on the phone before the last word was finished,” says John Wilkinson, senior editor at A Shoe In Fashion. “Keeping ahead of the pack in the fashion world is not something everyone can do, so we strive to be one of the few able to keep up.”

Wilkinson continues talking about the details of this collaboration, “When we found out we were going to be the first to release this to the world, excited doesn’t even begin to describe our mood. We had worked with Scott in the past on a few different projects, but he had also worked with many others, so it wasn’t in the bag by any means.”

Both Tucker and those at A Shoe In Fashion stated they believe they will gain fans and interest from this team up.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t think this would gain me some new consumers in the fashion community,” said Scott Tucker. “But it will also boost readership over at A Shoe In Fashion, so it is a win-win. Not to mention everyone over there is great to work with and more than on top of their game.”

“Scott Tucker has really outdone himself this time. Not only is this new shoe line stylish, but it is practical as well. Not bad for a first try in the footwear department. Working on this project for the past few months has also been really hard keeping it off the radar. We are just really happy to finally get this information out there.”

Although his first line of footwear, Scott Tucker has been involved in the fashion industry almost his whole life. His latest designer shoe is scheduled to be released at the end of this Spring

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