Sports Fans Earn Big Profits Investing From the Couch

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( — May 8, 2014)  — Around the US, a few “in the know” investors are quietly buying and selling pro athletes. They sit on their couches munching on junk food and watching ESPN. Using just what they know about sports, they are getting huge returns on their money. With share prices ranging from under $1.00 to well over $100.00, they are able to manage portfolios containing a lot of athletes.

Until recently, only select individuals have been aware of a fiercely protected resource in the investment community. is a little-known, yet highly-prized marketplace delivering high rates of return for both long- and short-term investors.

Jockbrokers is an exchange for the buying and selling of professional athletes. Just as the NYSE trades assets based on publicly held companies, and COMEX trades asset- based options and futures, Jockbrokers trades assets that are based on professional athletes.

Share prices are determined through the economics of supply and demand. When sports fans think an athlete is hot, his value goes up. When they think he’ll choke, they dump him and his share price plummets.

Colin Kaepernick, the much maligned starting quarterback for the San Francisco Forty Niners, is a prime example. On Dec 4, 2013 his price tanked as sports fans dropped him like a hot rock during the much ballyhooed lead-up to his Dec 8 game against arch-rival Seattle.

As it turned out, he lead the Niners to defeat the Seahawks in that game. He followed that up with wins in each of the next two weeks. Fans once again got excited about him and on Dec 23 he was back in high demand – this time commanding an even higher price than before.

Amid concerns regarding his ability to lead the team through the playoffs his value dropped once again just a few days later.

During the 19 days from Dec 4 to Dec 23, savvy traders realized a quick 10.7% gain on their money – a whopping 604.9% annualized rate of return.  

It’s not always just about the athlete’s most recent performance on the field. After all, sports fans feel the heartache of the dreaded off-season. No games to watch. No stats to track. Even fantasy sports shut down. That’s not the case at Jockbrokers, where trading goes on all year round. Sports fans buy and sell their favorite athletes any time of year, in professional basketball, baseball and football – even during the off-season!

Sept 29, 2013 was Mike Trout’s last game of the season, but for the traders with an interest in the Angels’ Outfielder, the fun had just begun.

Even though he didn’t play a single inning after that last day in September, his share price kept rising. Week by week, month after month, steadily throughout the entire off-season, his value just kept going up.

As you can see by the chart, the sports fans who acquired this hot young star on Nov 25, 2013 and sold him on April 1, 2014 more than doubled their money. In those 127 days (about 4 months) traders actualized a 116.7% gain and an astounding 823.1% annualized rate of return!

But what about the players everyone knows? The ones who consistently deliver, always play well – the league stars.  Without the fluctuation of uncertainty, can money be made on those athletes as well? Yes!

Lebron James is a star who will be in the Basketball Hall of Fame some day. His chart reflects the 2013 basketball season. He consistently turns in great performances, so there aren’t too many surprises during the season.

The traders who picked him up on May 6 saw a solid gain of  6.7% and an annualized return of 18.4% when they sold him on Sept 16. That’s not a bad thing to do with your money for just 133 days!

These kinds of returns were once exclusively the domain of filthy rich investment bankers with multi-million dollar portfolios, Jockbrokers offers regular people the opportunity to build an entire portfolio of well known athletes for just a few bucks.

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Jockbrokers is an open market where sports fans buy and sell pro athletes. 

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