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( — May 8, 2014)  — Madison, WI — Positioning oneself as an authority has long-term and consistent ROI for a company, and professionals. While becoming a leader in one’s niche requires a lot of dedication and persistence, leadership and expertise is what allows a product or service to skyrocket, Mike McKay reports. McKay has been named a Top Professional in Positioning and Lead Generation in the week of March 10, 2014 by the


The soon to be launched Authority Marketing program by Internet Marketing Direct focuses on how SMB and solopreneurs can grow their clientele and sales by establishing themselves as authorities in their market and/or niche. Mike McKay has been quick to observe and fill a glaring gap in content marketing. In the latter, so-called digital marketing gurus focus on user engagement but fail to work on one crucial business aspect, the perceived expertise, professionalism and integrity of said business or individual building themselves into a trusted brand.


This is what Authority Marketing campaigns address; they provide the necessary tools to a business to establish itself as a market leader. If people regard a company as a leader in its market, people find it easier to trust it and invest their money in buying their products and services. The simple act of earning the trust of consumers and prospective clients, gives a company the much-coveted but rarely achieved head start in the fierce corporate world.


Ultimately, authority marketing achieves two things, bestows power to a brand or business and equips it with proven tools and resources to exert its influence on consumers and potential clients by positioning itself as an expert who wishes to educate and interact with its clientele. Especially for newcomers and startups, authority is the key factor that tips the scales in a brand’s favor.


Businesses can through tailored Authority Marketing Campaigns (AMCs) emerge as leaders in their market, through consistent and carefully designed strategies of content creation and syndication, as well as through the relevancy and quality of content and knowledge provided to the public through various, proven online channels.


The 21st century consumer is skeptical, demanding, and smart. Providing her with quality online knowledge, resources and valuable tools, the consumer sees a company as a benevolent, expert entity that disseminates quality information for the consumer’s good. More importantly, it serves to remind prospect clients that the said company is trustworthy and on top of its game, therefore, investment-worthy.




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