AMG Services Introduces Cafeteria Workflow

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( — May 8, 2014)  — 


Business optimization consultants recently announced the upcoming release of a white paper detailing a new organization and workflow for institutional cafeterias.

It’s been a long time since anything has changed in the business cafeteria model, but having a lot of experience with hectic lunch hours and wasted time, AMG Services is taking a shot at it.

“With productivity at priority number one, most businesses have very little time to worry about something as seemingly trivial as lunch break protocol,” jokes AMG Services employee James Hummel. “By helping employees have a much smoother and, in turn, longer lunch break, we give them the opportunity to de-stress and unwind so they are fresh and ready to continue working back at the desk.”

Hummel says over a years worth of work has been put into this project, shopping the idea around to several other businesses during this time so as to be constantly getting feedback. AMG Services new workflow includes automated payment options as well as the ability to pick lunches from online either at the desk or from home.

“We’ve pretty much eliminated anything unnecessary, giving workers as much time as possible to eat, got out, or anything else without having to worry about wasted time. You shouldn’t have to use any time from your break picking out food or waiting in a line. It just isn’t efficient or necessary,” says Hummel.

AMG Services knows it’s not the easiest thing in the world to take something that’s been around for this long and try and turn it completely around, but they hope that after a few simulations and real world tests people will be less adverse to large change.

Karen Lindon, a manager at AMG Services says, “The technology is there. I mean it’s been there for a while now. We are just sliding it into a new place that has yet to take advantage of it. When we came up with this together over a year ago, we were all thinking the same thing: why has this not already happened?”

A company with over a decade worth of experience in the business world, AMG Services is no stranger to office problems. They hope to help solve at least a few with their new cafeteria workflow project. Their white paper is due out this summer and they hope to start implementing their plan as soon as next year.