Scott Tucker Produces First Soundtrack

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( — May 9, 2014)  — 


Audio engineer, producer, and composer Scott Tucker announces his first professional project: production for the soundtrack to upcoming film “First Bloom”. Tucker was hired for the soundtrack by film maker Harvey Roberts, after Roberts discovered Tucker’s work on SoundCloud.

According to Roberts, Tucker’s previous work captured the sound that he hopes to achieve for First Bloom.

“I’ve discussed the film and soundtrack with Harvey and length, and I’m very excited to be helping him make the vision for this film come to life,” says Scott Tucker. “The goal is to create a sounds that is subtly creepy, but mainstream and innocuous sounding at first glance.”

Tucker says that he will be composing some of the soundtrack himself, and will be licensing music or seeking help from other composers for the rest.All final production and editing will be handled by Tucker personally.

“I can’t do everything on this soundtrack,” says Scott Tucker. “There just isn’t enough time, and I’m happy to include others and benefit from their talents. I will making all of the final decisions, though, and I will be responsible for the final editing, mixing, and mastering.”

Tucker commented on his transition from amateur to professional producer.

“It’s only the one gig, so I can’t quit my day job yet, but I;m going to put everything I have into this project, and hopefully this will lead to more work. Even if it doesn’t, I want this film to be an accomplishment that I’ll always be proud of.”

First Bloom is currently in production and is planned to debut at a major independent film festival in 2015.

Scott Tucker will release the soundtrack for the film as an album after the film premiers.


By Beverly Collins