Invisalign a Clear Alternative To Braces

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( — May 9, 2014) Orlando, Florida Sand Lake Centre For Advanced Dentistry announces Invisalign, a new alternative for traditional metal braces. The company specializes in cosmetic and sedation dentistry and now features a new option replacing commonly used metal braces. Invisalign is a clear, removable alignment device for teeth. The clear, plastic trays are fitted to the patient’s mouth.
While metal braces have been successfully used for many years to straighten teeth and improve overall periodontal health, there are problems and challenges that patients have had to deal with along the way.

Invisalign provides the same excellent results and eliminates many of the challenges metal braces pose.  One of the biggest challenges is continuing to maintain good overall oral health. Metal braces make flossing and reaching problem areas more difficult.  Invisalign users can simply remove the product and floss and brush their teeth as normal, ensuring better general dental and oral health. With metal braces, food gets stuck which can be painful lead to other dental problems. With Invisalign, not only is the aligner virtually invisible, patients can remove it and eat as they please. Often patients with metal braces suffer from cheek and gum irritation from the metal. Invisalign is made of smooth plastic that is more comfortable, BPA free, and less intrusive than metal braces.  In addition, aligners are custom made to fit the patient perfectly and provide the best individualized results. As teeth change, additional sets of aligners are used to prepare the patient for the next phase of treatment.

Many people avoid going to the dentist because of high anxiety.  Dr. Lisa Peters-Seppala at Sand Lake Centre For Advanced Dentistry uses sedation dentistry to put patients at ease.  Building trust and confidence with patient’s is a high priority. The personable and supportive staff work hard to create a welcoming environment where patients are comfortable by creating an atmosphere that more closely resembles a spa versus a traditional dentist office. Patients enjoy the relaxing accommodations provided.

A wide range of cosmetic procedures are offered, including highly popular teeth whitening procedures to give patients a new, brighter smile.  Bonding, porcelain veneers, and dental implants are services that can improve the esthetic value of a patient’s smile and build confidence. Dr. Peters-Seppala also specializes in preventative care.  Bi-annual visits, teeth cleaning and check-ups can be scheduled with one of the friendly and efficient staff members.

Almost every day, Dr. Lisa Peters-Seppala gets to witness the moment when a patient looks in the mirror and finally sees the smile of their dreams.  She’s seen people become more confident, happier and even healthier.  She has seen lives change dramatically. That’s why her passion is helping her patients achieve the celebrity smiles they’ve always dreamed of as the owner of the Sand Lake Centre for  Advanced Dentistry in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Peters-Seppala graduated from the University of Florida Dental College in 1998 with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Sand Lake Centre was founded by Dr. Lisa Peters-Seppala in 2001.

Transforming smiles requires the very latest technology and techniques.  Dr. Peters-Seppala and the staff at the SandLake Centre are constantly continuing their education in order to offer cutting-edge procedures to help her patients reach their goals.   In addition to a full range of the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments,  a full range of preventative and emergency services are provided.  Dr. Peters-Seppala is certified in sedation dentistry, in order to eliminate the pain and anxiety of dental work for even the most anxious patients.

Dr. Lisa Peters-Seppala is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the Florida Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Central Florida Dental Association and America’s PremierExperts®.  She is married and the mother of four amazing boys.


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