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( — May 9, 2014)  — 


A Shoe In Fashion, a website for the self-proclaimed “foot fashionistas,” recently featured AMG Services’ new footwear subscription service, Sizzling Shoe Of The Month Club. AMG Services is a clothing company focused on eco-friendly fashion.

“As soon as I heard about it, I knew I’d have to share it with my readers,” says Sammie Smart, the footwear content curator for A Shoe In Fashion. “I am super-familiar with AMG Services’ other subscription lines of sustainably made fashion pieces, so I know that this shoe endeavor is going to be not only sexy and stylish, but also really great for the environment.”

A Shoe In Fashion will debut the first five months of shoes offered by the Sizzling Shoe Of The Month Club. Each day, the website will post a review, a photo shoot featuring the shoe, and an interview with the designer.

“We have amazing designers on board for this project,” says O.J. Reinhard, the man behind the AMG Services’ new shoe line. “They are so creative, and really respect the idea that shoes can be made locally, cruelty free, and with sustainable materials so that we can be proud of what we make – and our customers can be proud to wear our shoes, too.”

Each month will be focused on a different pair of shoes designed by one of a dozen designers. A Shoe In Fashion has already previewed the year’s worth of shoes, and will post new photo sessions and reviews every month after the first week.

“I feel absolutely lucky that A Shoe In Fashion has decided to champion this project,” says Reinhard. “They know exactly what to showcase in their reviews, and they always have trendy and inspiring photo shoots that really capture the feel of a product.”

Subscriptions to the Sizzling Shoe Of The Month Club can be purchased via AMG Services or through A Shoe In Fashion. A men’s line of shoes is in the works, and will debut in 2015.