Scott Tucker To Referee Summer League

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( — May 9, 2014)  — 


It’s been a long while since Scott Tucker has been on the court in any official capacity, but he is changing that this summer where he intends to be head referee in a local summer league.

“It’s not like I haven’t been keeping my game up,” says Tucker. “I have been playing at least two games a day for pretty much my entire life; whether it was official or recreational. I have refereed a lot of home games in the past and wanted to take it up to the next level.”

The league has been looking for a permanent referee for the whole season as the past few seasons have been different officials for almost every game. The league wanted there to be one person so that all the teams knew what to expect and not have to change their play each game.

Tony Larson, one of the league game schedulers as well as a member of the Jaguars said, “It doesn’t seem like a big deal to people in the crowd if you tell them it’s a going to be a different referee this game. But if you ask the players, it can have a huge effect on strategy and overall team cohesiveness.”

Scott Tucker talked more about his preparation; “For this league I had to learn all the official hand signals and penalties as well as be able to call fouls and the like. It seems like not to much more, but until something like that is second nature, it’s very difficult to do it on the fly. I really like doing it though and I hope everything works out so this can be a more permanent gig.”

Scott Tucker is a former college basketball player and freelance web designer. When he is not designing web pages or on the court he is with his family of 4 including his wife, Emily and 2 daughters; Sofie and Ellie.

Summer league sign ups are now available and the new season starts up the beginning of June and ends in mid August. Games will be held at local parks and high school gymnasiums depending on the weather and will be posted on all online schedules in real time if any changes are made.