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( — May 9, 2014) Calgary, Alberta — 


Finding the right contractor to renovate your luxury home can be an exercise in wasting time and money.  That ends when you contract with Trademark Renovations to custom remodel your house.  They provide a “hands-on” approach to ensure clients’ projects are completed to the exact standards specified. Trademark Renovations Safeguard System ® eliminates the potential vulnerabilities one can encounter with a single general contractor.

Trademark offers suggestions that put ideas to paper, and once the budget, plans, specifications, and permits are in place, Trademark obtains quotes on behalf of the client. Their transparent and hassle-free process allows them to execute the plan to action, constantly verifying and ensuring the workmanship and materials are carried out to specifications.   

Trademark operates strictly on a transparent process, calculated from costs relating to the project, and adding a percentage for a management fee. Upon conclusion of the project, all warranties are issued to the homeowner, including Trademark’s full two-year guarantee.   

Your home is quite possibly one of the largest and most important investments you’ll make in a lifetime.  Trademark’s project managers will compile a budget with a complete breakdown of all line item costs. The budget is based on drawings and specs, either provided by a builder/ sub-contractor that they contract out, or by an independent contractor of your choice.   

Trademark’s transparent process provides many benefits.  It provides homeowners the ability to compare quotes against the budget, and the homeowner approves the quote prior to the commencement of each stage.   

This process operates with the transparency of builder price/actual cost, plus a management fee. The transparent process allows for changes to orders and add-ons for your project without premiums, with the same margins as the primary scope of work.   

Payment terms are typically scheduled pay periods, based on actual costs in place and work completed. In this transparent process there are no advance payments, except to suppliers for custom ordered products. The management fee is the only fee, and it is paid directly to the contractor.   

All payments, except management fee are paid directly to trades and suppliers at quoted builder pricing/actual costs. In the process, there are no holdbacks required. By paying trades and suppliers directly, the homeowner eliminates the possibility of builder liens. 

“Our proccess is designed to ensure customer transperency and provides highest quality project managment for our clients” – said Blair Foisy, president of Trademark Renovations.  “We chose to do business that way because we are trying to change the way public looks at the renovation industry.”


About Trademark Renovations

With over 30 years in business Blair Foisy brings a wealth of knowledge in renovations and building luxury custom new homes. Trademark Renovations is Calgary’s premiere renovation company. Trademark has won numerous industry awards along with the consumer choice awards and an A+ BBB rating. Consistently, over 70% of Trademarks projects are derived through client referrals.

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