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( — May 10, 2014) Huntington Beach, California –Business owners are experts in their field, according to Perry Belcher, Internet marketing genius and advisor to some of the top-selling companies in the world. Perry Belcher, whose wisdom can be seen at as well as at, offers creative advice and strategies for business owners who land customers and suddenly find themselves in the role of expert and advisor to a new client.


According to Perry Belcher, the moment a customer becomes a client of a business, the relationship between the owner and the customer changes. Perry Belcher says, “Once they’ve bought that from you, the relationship has changed. They’re now your client. You’re the expert. You prescribe what they need.”

Perry Belcher has been following this advice for years. His marketing advice, which can be seen at, has been followed by many successful business owners who praise his wisdom and industry acumen. No matter what business an owner is involved in, Perry Belcher’s marketing strategies can increase the owner’s bottom line.

For business owners, the transition from potential customer or lead to client is the most important one in the business relationship. Perry Belcher’s advice will help Internet marketers who want to expand their business and generate more revenue.

About Perry Belcher: Perry Belcher is a web marketing specialist who is also a noted author and speaker. Perry Belcher has helped many SEO marketers utilize their talents and work to the very best of their abilities.

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