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( — May 11, 2014)  — In a recently published article entertainment and community outreach website Never Be Bored promotes new woodworking classes being offered by carpenter Scott Tucker. will be the first to share a behind the scenes look at Scott Tucker’s new woodworking classes for kids. This is the third time local carpenter and the website have teamed up and it looks not to be the last.

“Scott told us about this idea while we were still working together on the last project,” says Shaun Gibbons, editor at “We told him we would definitely be interested and to keep us in the loop. I guess none of us realized just how soon the loop would be closed.”

Scott Tucker’s last feature on the site was less than a month ago, so he is definitely keeping busy and Gibbons has no problems with that.

“We are always looking for new activities for people to keep busy with, but more than that we want them to be satisfying, worthwhile tasks. Scott has always delivered in full in that aspect and our readers have also taken note. We also like to keep a relationship up as long as possible so our readership will have something to follow in the longterm, not just random post after post.”

Scott Tucker relates his experience with, “They first approached me over a year ago when I was doing some volunteer work for a local playhouse and they just haven’t stop approaching,” he joked. “It’s a great deal for both of us as I get more publicity and their readers get something not boring to do. We are on a first name basis and talk online and on the phone at least once a week whether working on a project or not, so I guess it’s fair to say we are friends. Which makes it even less work as we enjoy each others company as well as our jobs.”

Scott Tucker has been a carpenter for over 25 years, in the local community for 10 and is not planning on going anywhere. Classes start in July and run through August with a sign up in June.

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By Faye Jensen