AMG Services Publishing Going Out Of Business

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( — May 11, 2014)  — AMG Services recently announced that the company’s time in the printing and binding industry has come to an end. Based in Columbus, Ohio, AMG Services Publishing has provided printing and binding services for over 20 years to small publishers and self-published authors.

Jenny Christian of AMG Services Publishing says that the firm can no longer compete in the short-run printing industry.

“Our business model is under attack from two different directions,” says Jenny Christian of AMG Services Publishing. “On one hand, many of our traditional customers are simply publishing their work electronically, so there is a smaller customer base for short-run printers. On the other hand, printing press technology has advanced tremendously since we last upgraded our equipment, and we can not offer competitive prices compared to firms with newer machinery.”

According to Jenny Christian, AMG Services Publishing has been preparing to eventually close up shop for nearly ten years. Employees of the company will all receive substantial severance packages which management has been setting money aside for ever since the rise of electronic readers and e-book marketplaces.

“Although we are sad to be shutting down the company, this isn’t something that is catching us by surprise, we are well prepared for the transition,” says Jenny Christian. “All of our employees have been kept in the loop about the company’s future, and we have done our best to prepare them for finding new jobs or transitioning into retirement.”

Jenny Christian stated that the last step for AMG Services is to sell off it’s remaining equipment and other capital. The company is currently fulfilling it’s final printing orders and is not accepting anymore new work. The presses are expected to shutdown early this summer, after which a few key members of management will remain with the company to attempt to liquidate capital by the end of the fiscal year.

About AMG Services

AMG Services publishing offers printing and binding services to industries and individuals that require short-run printing of books, magazines and promotional materials. The company is no longer accepting printing jobs and is currently looking for buyers of printing presses and related machinery.


By Trevor Bates