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(Newswire — May 12, 2014) Vancouver, BC — Big news, Vancouver! Mealshare is launching in 14 new prominent restaurants throughout Vancouver on May 21st! This means your audience can now turn their dining out into helping out every time they order a Mealshare meal at a partner restaurant. Mealshare also just surpassed a milestone – giving over 35,000 meals to people in need!

What is Mealshare? Watch our video! We are a new social enterprise that partners with restaurants to make giving to those in need extremely easy. We put our logo next to a few of a partner restaurant’s menu items. For every Mealshare- branded menu item purchased, a meal will be donated to someone in need. There is no added cost to the customer, so it’s very simple – buy one, give one.


Mealshare is run by three young entrepreneurs (two Vancouverites) and was started in July 2013. Currently, we are partnered with over 50 restaurants across 4 cities, and we have already provided over 35,000 meals to people in need. Vancouver will be the biggest supporting city, with over 20 participating restaurants!

Vancouver Restaurants starting Mealshare on May 21st: Fable, Anatoli Souvlaki, Eight 1/2, Café Medina (launching at new location), The Parker, Tuc Kitchen, Bestie, Cartems, Kessel & March, Revel Room, Burdock & Co, Graze, Yoga Gourmet, and Edible Canada (launching May 31st).

May 21st Launch Event: 6-9pm at Tuc Kitchen (60 W Cordova Street). Interview and Photo opportunities available.

How can you help? Interview Mealshare and us spread the news to everyone in Vancouver about our May 21st launch, our achieved milestone, and how your audience can turn their dining out into helping out just by ordering a Mealshare meal. With your help Melashare hopes to inform other restaurants about Mealshare so that we can provide even more meals.

Media opportunities: There are several reasons we think this is newsworthy for your audience: ~ New idea & first of its kind ~ They are adding 14 prominent partner restaurants ~ Mealshare is run by 2 young Vancouverites ~ Big milestone reached – provided over 35,000 meals ~ Supports Mission Possible, a local Vancouver charity ~ Easy & trendy – all it takes is going out for a meal


How we share meals: In Vancouver, we are working with Mission Possible to donate meals. We just established a new international partnership with Save the Children, who will be providing life-saving packages of Plumpy’Nut to malnourished children in developing countries on our behalf. Half of our meals are provided via Mission Possible, while the other half are provided through Save the Children.


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