Animals Away Announces Global Pet Transport

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( — May 13, 2014) New York, New York –Whether the decision to relocate has been made for months or occurred at a moment’s notice, moving across the country or around the world can be a stressful experience. Properties have to be sold; new residences must be secured. Furniture and keepsakes have to be packed carefully for movers. The endless details can be overwhelming, even before the homeowners’ own journey across the country or internationally is considered. Pet owners often struggle to determine the best way to relocate their loved ones, and one business has an easy solution. To keep clients and their pets healthy and happy during a cross-country or international move, Animals Away announces worldwide pet transport.


Animals Away, the global leader in animal relocation, eliminates the stress of domestic and international pet travel with their worldwide transport. The company’s pet transport services, outlined more fully at, include planning all travel arrangements, preparing the required documentation for domestic or international shipping, and providing airport-approved kennels and crates. For an extra level of service, Animals Away offers a VIP program, in which one of their experienced handlers will personally accompany pets every step of the way. Animals Away’s website offers helpful information on pet shipping, found at These pointers cover a variety of topics, from facts on tax-deductible expenses to tips for keeping nervous pets calm. These pet relocation experts also have a hassle-free finance program to make moving furry and feathered friends affordable for any budget. For a free online quote for bird, cat, or dog shipping, visit


About Us: Animals Away has been a leading pet relocation service for over 20 years. Working closely with clients and their pets for stress-free moves, Animals Away’s knowledgeable team of caring professionals and depth of resources have enabled the company to revolutionize the world of pet transportation.


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