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( — August 25, 2014) Raleigh, NC — Martin Brossman & Associates in cooperation with NC State are now offering a Certificate Program in Social Media Management teaching concepts, techniques and tools to develop and manage an effective social media program. The fourteen-week, 42-hour program is offered through NC State’s McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education. Classes are scheduled during the Spring, Summer & Fall semesters, currently for afternoon & evening sessions.


I’m an SEO guy, and have been known in the Raleigh area as the “Google Local Guy”. I’ve several years under my belt teaching with the NC Search Engine Academy, and with The QIC Learning center near Raleigh. One problem, with the advent of Google’s latest search engine update, known as “Hummingbird”, search has gone more social, so I figured, I must too. Consequently, I enrolled into NCSU’s MicKimmon Center’s Social Media educational offering.


Taking a professional approach to managing social media is critical for small business, non-profits, a contractor or consultant, or your own business. The program, formally known as Social Media Management Certificate Training, addresses social media MANAGEMENT, rather than how to use social media. It is expected that students have a basic familiarity with Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter. (Pinterest, Instagram, and other social sites are optional.) Core curriculum and social media platforms include the following:

  • Online Advertising: PPC, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn & Banner Ads
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Campaign Management: Email Marketing, Facebook
  • Copywriting: Blogs, Webpages, Articles & Newsletters
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube & Google+
  • Website Integration: Social Media Buttons, Landing Pages, Widgets & Blog Posts
  • Digital Photography and Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization
  • Videos: Photo Videos, Smart Phone Videos, Slide Videos & Videography


“Our instructors are ‘top notch’ business professionals,” says Holly A. Basso, Assistant Director, NC State Technology Training Solutions Lead. Martin Brossman has been using social media since 2006 and Karen Tiede, since 2008. Their experience is varied and rich and their teaching is focused on what you need to know to grow business – drive revenue – increase sales.


The program is design for those serious about their growth and learning. When asked about the need for students to have a basic understanding of Social Media core competancies, Martin said, “I don’t mind people having holes in their understanding. I do mind if they are not committed to filling those holes.” Martin also stated for those that do graduate and make make serious efforts to stay in touch and participate in the online graduate community, “they will be ‘top of mind’ and part of my referral base when folks are asking who I’d recommend to do social media for them”.


Ideal students include professionals, agencies and businesses who want to deepen their abilities with social media. Whether in-house, marketing staff, virtual assistants, people who would like to offer social media “done for you” services, and anyone that wants to enhance their skills for a career, should participate.


I graduate today with my certificate, and am glad I took the fourteen weeks to do so. So is my client, Adams Handmade Soap, my class case study, who hired me as his part-time Marketing Manager partly because of what I learn in the SMMC training, the “value added” skill set I gained in pursueing the certificate.




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