Secret to getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

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( — May 13, 2014) Columbus, Ohio — How can you get a car with bad credit?  This is the leading question of many people today throughout the US, as many struggle to maintain a lifestyle that others only dream about or are jealous of.


It would be easy getting an auto loan was the only concern, however there is a multitude of things on the minds of Americans today that it seems one must become a mental juggler amidst the plethora of issues one faces in life. While juggling emotional, physical, financial, and relationship issues one must somehow manage to find the right balance so that things do not come crashing down on them.


The South Cheathem Advocate reports that 91% of American adults surveyed by phone, conducted by the Pew Research Group of Washington, D.C., said a car is their number one need. This followed by a clothes washer, and a clothes dryer. This really brings into question “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” when one considers where does owning a car fit in among the Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization.


No matter what your reason is for wanting or needing a car for the benefits it provides one should not allow their fear of rejection or previous denials stop them from owning their own car.


Yesterday, the secret to financing a car was shared with me in a private conversation with a finance manager at Bobb Says Yes. I was very surprised that what I had for years previously thought was a secret, really isn’t a secret at all.


5 Things that will Guarantee a Car Loan with Damaged Credit

  1. Income: One must have a verifiable source of regular income that proves they have the means of making a car payment. This “Proof of Income” is usually 2-4 most recent W-2s, if self-employed it will be your most recent tax return. The amount of your monthly income and the amount of your downpayment largely depends upon what kind of vehicle you are buying.
  2. Driver’s License: It is important that your licesne be current, effective and without any restrictions to owning a vehicle. This provides proof that one has met the requirements, successfully passed and maintaing the requirements for safely manuevering a vehicle on the roads.
  3. Current Utility Bill: This may be an electric bill, cable bill, cellphone bill, gas bill, lease, mortgage, or any other bill in the buyer’s name at their current address. This provides proof of where the buyer lives and that these bills are being paid in a timely manner.
  4. Proof of Insurance: Auto insurance is necessary to protect you, the vehicle, and the loan originator in case of any loss to the vehicle. Any auto insurance agent will be able to fax prrof of insurance to the dealership you buying the car from once you have provided them with the detailed information regarding the car you have decided to buy.
  5. References: The names, phone numbers, and addresses of 6-8 people is required, with at least 2-3 of them being relatives. This proves that you can be easily reached by a number of people.
The key to guaranteed financing is in having these fvie things when you walk into the door of a dealership.
Although many may say that it is important to shop around for a dealership where you can successfuly get a car loan, they do not tell you that pulling your credit multiple times lowers your credit score, and slowly makes it more difficult to get the loan you seek.
By the way, Bobb Says Yes to delivering your car to your door if you live in another state once approved.

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