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(Newswire.net — May 13, 2014) Louisville, CO — Louisville Colorado – Dr. Jill Decker, a Pediatric Dentist serving Louisville and Westminster Colorado areas, appeared live on YouTube via Google Plus Hangouts On Air with Brian Devine of Topline Management. She is the owner of Young Dentistry For Children and discussed their policy of Free Exams for Children 18 Months or Younger. According to Dr. Decker, the current standard in the dental profession for a child’s first exam is 12 months of age. At Young Dentistry For Children, Dr. Decker is passionate about children receiving dental care at a young age. Although there are many benefits, as a Pediatric Dentist,  Dr. Decker believes there are three main benefits: 1) it provides plentiful information to educate Louisville parents on preventive care, 2) to assist children to become accustomed to visiting Dr. Decker and her staff. In Dr. Decker’s words: “Children who get used to coming to the dentist at an early age become super-star patients for life”. The third benefit is allowing the Pediatric Dentist in Louisville to become their dental home, a place where they can feel comfortable, even in an emergency situation.

At Young Dentistry For Children, the team of pediatric dentists have acquired advanced training that is specific to children and covers their growth from infants to adolescents. Unlike a general dentist, a pediatric dentist concentrates only on the needs of children. They know the best ways to help children have a positive experience at Young Dentistry For Children. The free exam helps the child to feel comfortable and Dr. Decker and her team to determine whether there are any problems. That first exam is generally done as a lap exam with the parent assisting Dr. Decker. 

In Louisville, Dr. Decker, of Young Dentistry For Dentistry, has become the popular choice for parents. From the time of the free exam, people have intuitively found her to be warm and welcoming and able to establish a quick rapport with the child and the parent. Visit Dr. Decker today with your 18 month old or younger child and you will see for yourself.


If you would like to view this Google Hangout and learn more about Dr. Decker, follow this link: 


Dr. Jill Decker – Young Dentistry For Children – Louisville, Colorado




In closing, Dr. Jill Decker, of Young Dentistry For Children, shared her goals: “Guide parents, talk about prevention, aim for that goal of no cavities, no problems and a really happy dental future”.

If you would like to schedule a free exam for your child 18 months or younger, call Young Dentistry For Children or visit their website at: http://www.youngdentistryforchildren.com/



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