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( — May 13, 2014)  — AMG Services pet grooming recently announced that all current and new customers will receive discounts on all pet grooming appointments for the month of June. According to Holly Sheffield of AMG Services, the summer months are busiest for dog groomers, as owners attempt to make their pets comfortable in the heat, so AMG Services is hoping to attract customers who will stay with them throughout the busy season.

“A lot of people let their pets go untrimmed through the fall and winter months,” says Holly Sheffield. “That way the dogs have extra fur to keep them warm in the cold weather, and the owners save money on pet grooming bills, but when summer comes, owners of long-haired breeds rely on pet grooming services to keep their canines happy.”

The AMG Services pet grooming discount applies to both in-store and on-location mobile grooming. According to AMG Services, the discount for all grooming services in the month of June is for 10% off of normal prices. Customers are welcome to take advantage of the discount as many times during the month as they want.

“Since many of our customers have multiple dogs at home, we decided to make the discount available without any limitations,” says Holly Sheffield of AMG Services. “This way every dog in the house gets a chance to get a fresh cut for summer time, so they can stay cool and relaxed as temperatures start to rise.”

While the 10% discount applies to all grooming appointments, the price for all services is not the same. Prices for grooming from AMG Services vary based on whether the appointment is mobile or in-store, and depending on the size of the dog. For this reason, services with a higher original price will receive a slightly larger discount, but all customers will receive 10% of off the service’s original price.

Holly Sheffield of AMG Services says that the June discounts have worked well to boost summer sales in previous years, and the company sees the June discounts not only as a gift to customers, but also as an investment that will pay off in July, August, and September.

About AMG Services Pet Grooming

AMG Services pet grooming has been operating in Gary, Indiana for seven years, offering premium pet services to dog lovers throughout the greater Chicago area.


 By Annie Berry