Scott Tucker Appointed Head Electrician

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( — May 14, 2014)  — The new strip mall on First St. in Bristol has just started getting underway with construction due to be completed by this fall. Scott Tucker has just been penciled in as head electrician, in charge of all the electrical work in the complex.

“This is the second big job I’ve done this year,” says Tucker. The first time was a little nerve wracking, but by the end I felt much more comfortable.”

He goes on, “There were a few big problems that came up on that first job that at the time made me question myself and some of my decisions, but looking back they were great learning experiences and will no doubt aide me in this new project.”

The downtown plaza was approved and, although there are mixed feeling in the community, the majority have a positive outlook.

Jane Kelly, a local business owner says, “We haven’t had anything like this in town before so it will definitely be a change. It will surely bring some more business and people to the downtown district, but whether that is a going to be good in the long term is still up in the air.”

Scott Tucker talks more about the effect on the community, “I try not to think too much about the community impact of the projects I’m working on. It’s just too much to think about to stay focused on the job. Also I’m not really in a position to pick and choose what jobs I want to do at any given moment.”

Tucker says that while he tries to strip his feelings while on the job to maintain focus, he does do a lot of reflecting afterwards that contributes toward future employment decisions. “After the job is done, I do a long review session with myself, writing down everything I think went really well, things I could have done better, and any mistakes to be avoided in the future. I also think about how the past job fits in with my long term goals and if it’s taking me closer or further away from that path. At the end of it all I usually come out with some very specific self criticism that I can use both on the job and off.”

The new shopping plaza is currently under construction and is slated to be completed and open for business this fall.

By Margarita Barnett