AMG Services Sponsors And Organizes Marathon

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( — May 14, 2014)  — Manufacturing firm AMG Services recently announced a marathon and half-marathon event planned to take place in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, in the fall of 2014. AMG Services is currently organizing the event and planning fundraisers with the help of other regional businesses.

Trevor Barksdale of AMG Services commented on the company’s goals for the upcoming event.

“This is a way to give back to the community, and mostly it is just a great way to have fun,” says Trevor Barksdale of AMG Services. “Organizing this marathon is way to work together with other businesses and also an opportunity for us to get to know more of the members of our community.”

AMG Services is currently working with local authorities to set a definite route and date. Tentatively, the race will be run through Avalon and Bradley Beach, and will take place the first weekend of October.

According to AMG Services, the company needs interested runners and supporters to voice their support for the marathon now, if organization of the event is going to be successful.

“It would have been better to start working on this event a year in advance,” says Trevor Barksdale, a manager at AMG Services. “There is a lot of work involved and we don’t have a ton of time to do it in, so we really need to get the word out there now and get support from the community.”

The upcoming marathon will have entry fees for fun-runners offset by fundraising conducted by AMG Services and other businesses. Runners will be divided into classes based on distance, previous competition results, and non-competing runners.

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By Kelvin Baker