The Essential Football Protective Gear Guide

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( — May 15, 2014) Franklin, Tennessee — Stay safe and have fun with the right protection from head to toe!

Playing football takes discipline, endurance and practice, practice, practice! No matter what position your player takes on the field, he needs certain protective gear to play safely.

Americas Athletic Source has compiled a list of items that every player needs as well as some additional gear required for offensive and defensive players. This list will detail the essential safety gear required as well as the purposes behind the equipment. Americas Athletic distributes Adams USA gear and equipment, and ADAMS knows protection. The company started in 1947 when Joe Adams invented the mouth guard!


Football helmets are critical to help players avoid head injury. Football helmets were once made of leather and are now constructed of a hard, plastic exterior coated with a polyurethane cap and an interior made of layers of foam cells. A helmet must fit snugly on a player’s head.

Most helmets come with facemasks and chin straps. If they do not, make sure you purchase these essential items separately.

Neck Rolls

Neck rolls are important for defensive players. Players in defensive positions do the most tackling and need the most protection. Neck rolls are made of padded foam and either nylon or vinyl. Neck rolls attach to shoulder pads.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads, like helmets, had humble, leathery beginnings. Today, they are made from synthetic fibers which are lighter weight and more breathable than ones made of leather, foam or even hard plastic. Shoulder pads protect the shoulders as well as the collarbone, upper back and chest.

Pants, Girdles, Cups

Football pants were once made from canva,s and now Adams offers pants made of nylon, spandex and polyester. Some pants are constricted with thigh, hip and kneepads, but some pants simply include pockets for slip-in pads. Adams supplies a variety of pants and pads in Adult and Youth sizes. The hard plastic cup is held up with elastic and insulated with foam rubber.

Leg Pads

Just as shoulder pads protect the upper body, leg pads protect a player’s lower half. Compression shorts with pads as well as back, thigh, hip and kneepads are the most essential pads for protecting a player’s legs.

Mouth Guard

Adams got its start when Joe Adams invented the mouth guard in the 1940s. Mouth guards have evolved over the years and are now, comfortable, durable, and available in a variety of colors.

A good mouth guard will mold to the moth.

Additional Accessories

Belts, socks, jerseys and every item needed for essential football protection can be found at Americas Athletic. Get a jump-start on your pre-season football training with Americas Athletics’ protective equipment and sports gear today!