Dental Infection Control Consultant Launches New Website

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( — May 15, 2014) Grand Junction, CO  – Safe Dental Services, located in Grand Junction, Co. was established to educate dental professionals and their staff in providing the safest care possible in their offices to prevent infection and be compliant with OSHA guidelines.


Through Safe Dental Services, Dr. Gatseos provides training and education in a professional and private setting. Dentists and staff remain updated on cutting edge information on infection control as well as regulatory updates. This can be done in the dentist office by Dr. Gatseos or in group classes.


New dental infections are always emerging and Dr. Gatseos, Janet and their team stay in close contact with the CDC (Center for disease control) to ensure that at Safe Dental Services, they are always aware of possible dangers to dental establishments.


More additional information on that topic can be found here:


Dr. Gatseos – Safe Dental Services – Dental Infections


Dr. Gatseos began Safe Dental Services with a vision: To educate, train and assist all dental healthcare personnel to provide excellence in safe oral healthcare to all their patients and office staff.


Most likely, all dental health providers feel the same. If you would like to schedule a private consultation or attend a group class with Dr. Gatseos, please call 303-746-4812 or visit his website at: Safe Dental Services


To sum up the mission of Safe Dental Services in Grand Junction, Co, Dr. Gatseos states he wants: “To be the best dental infection control consultants to all dental health care providers educating them to the highest standards of infection control by training, evaluation and recommendations”.



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