Bitcoin Entering the Next Phase of Development

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( — May 15, 2014)  — Where were you when bitcoin was at $20? Do you ever wish you had acted on you hunch then? Or were you hamstrung by financial “professionals”?


The financial world is changing and that includes how we interact with each other and institutions.


The origination of Bitcoin was just a blip on the horizon in the face of things to come. The impact on the world will be felt as the old financial guard gives way to this new economic event.


If you just fell off the turnip truck and are asking yourself “what is Bitcoin?”, here are some answers.


Bitcoin is a currency that was designed specifically for electronic use. There are no physical coins to jingle in your pocket, just a series of ones and zeroes zipping around in cyberspace.


Bitcoin is for the most part, ungoverned. It is not issued by a central bank or nation and because lives outside and control of any jurisdiction. Which is becoming its largest detractor and greatest attractor.


Bitcoins are “extracted” in a process called mining. Not by back breaking pick swinging, but by super powerful computers crunching trillions of combinations. There are thousands of these “super crunchers” on the planet but every 10 minutes, these computers compare their answers, and the best answer wins the right to mine 25 bitcoins.


These are just a few of the questions many people and investors have.


However many of these questions will be answered and discussed in a scheduled online summit.


During June 9-20, 2014 you will be able to sign up and interact with other Bitcoin movers and shakers. And if you miss a valuable session, you will be able to watch it in your spare time! With 25 of the world’s top experts on Bitcoin speaking at this online conference the amount of content is going to be nothing short of incredible.


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