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( — May 15, 2014) St. Louis, MO — “Two of the main factors that the Google search engine algorithm bots are looking for from local businesses are citations and relevant links,” the leading website design company in St. Louis reveals. These two important elements go hand in hand to gain top rankings in the local search engine results pages.

“Website design also plays an important role in getting high rankings in the local search results,” the leading St. Louis web designer states, “and combined with a strategic link and citation campaign online exposure will be increased for the business.” Google now looks very closely at the design of a website, checking for up to date code, ease of navigation, user friendliness, current consistent posting of relevant content, plus much more.

Links are simply a link from another website that when clicked on will take the user to the business website. The leading website design company in St. Louis explains, “Links can come in different formats that include a text link, an image link, a video linking back to the website, etc.” According to the recent Google Hummingbird algorithm and updates links need to have different anchor text and not just the keywords as in pre Hummingibrd algorithm days.

Citations are mentions of your business on a third party website. “The citation or mention of your business must include the business name, business address, and the business phone number,” explains the St. Louis website design company, “a link is not mandatory with this listing.” The most important thing to remember with citations, is all the information used must be consistant across the Internet. This means a business must use the same business name, business address, and business phone number for citations.

Starting a local campaign as quickly as possible is very important, because it takes 4 to 8 weeks to get these links and citations indexed by Google. So any work done in the first month by your SEO specialist will probably not even be seen in the search results pages until the third month of the SEO campaign. The website design leader in St. Louis states, “Links help improve both organic and local search ranking results, and citations will help with local search engine ranking improvement. Our SEO campaigns are designed to include all of these elements to help with ranking our local clients websites.”


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