Betrayed by Lyme Disease

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( — May 16, 2014) Moose Lake, Mn — When Debbie Gibson began to feel anxiety and stress she didn’t know that this was the Titanic of her life hitting the iceberg.  The hidden path of symptoms of a shipwreck had just begun.


The food sensitivities with electric shock like reactions followed by nerve pain and muscle fatigue are commonly missed signs of Lyme Disease. The pain can get so bad that you can’t move – and then it may disappear only to show up somewhere else.


That’s just what she was experiencing. Debbie found it hard to go on – her life was being interrupted in every way. Performances became trials. Breaks were refuges from the pain.


The intermittent flu like symptoms, night sweats, chills, fever, nerve tremors, nightmares, and migraine headaches that she was experiencing are all tell tale signs of Lyme and its Co-Infections.  


With nerve pain and numbness, she had difficulty walking. This led to depression as her life was falling apart. She became emotionally fragile in the process.


Turning to doctor after doctor and treatment after treatment her condition went from bad to worse. After trying Botox shots to hide the wrinkles invading her face, she states “this was like pouring gasoline on an already lit fire.”


Treatment of Z paks, Amoxicillin and Dixilant made her feel considerably better. But after a few short rounds of these antibiotics, “the symptoms would be staved off for a few weeks then return.”


Increasing signs of malabsorbtion in progressive weight loss, zapped energy, and food intolerances continued to grow. She tried adding fat to her diet just for calories, but this led to gall bladder problems.


Thinking that this may somehow be hormonal, she visited her OB/GYN only to have the worse flare up that Debbie had yet to embrace.


Believing in the natural treatment realm, she went through a gauntlet of doctors. One referral led to another, and eventually she found some doctor that finally gave her the diagnosis of Lyme Disease.


You may wonder why this disease is so difficult to diagnose. There are some 300 known strains of Borrelia bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. Currently only 2 strains are used for testing, giving you 0.7% chance of a good test.



The co-infections associated with Lyme are worse. Many tests are limited to being accurate only in the first week or two of infection, and few are lucky enough to get an early diagnosis.


To make matters worse, the treatment regimen for this disease was established 7 years before they knew what caused it.  And little research has been done on the co-infections on effective conventional treatments.


Natural therapies have shown promise with some studies done at prestigious centers such as John Hopkins showing some natural products being as effective as antibiotics. And the natural products have been shown to have healing properties for your body too.


Being, “still in this process and undergoing treatment,” Debbie Gibson is feeling more like her self and enjoying performing again.

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