William Dyer Launches Affordable Care ACT Options for Large Companies

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(Newswire.net — May 16, 2014)  — Healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare may have the biggest legislative impact on businesses there has ever been.  The legislation affects business of all sizes and individuals. There is constant debate, information, misinformation, confusion, anger and fear.  Business owners need creative solid solutions that maintain profitability now. 

In this new era, more than ever, doing due diligence on the insurance professionals that you are considering working with is crucial.  This is not the time to have your insurance advisor using your business as part of their learning curve.  

I am pleased to have the opportunity to interview William (Bill) Dyer of HCP National Insurance Services, Inc.  As I also have decades of experience in the health insurance business. I look for professionals that I know have the qualifications to properly handle and support large businesses. Bill Dyer is very qualified.  He has spent over 20 years providing benefits for large businesses having from 500 to 45,000 employees.

William (Bill) Dyer

John:  “Bill, healthcare reform is a fact and businesses face substantial fines in 2015 if they do not comply with the Affordable Care ACT.  What is the first thing that you feel a business, with 100 employees or more should be doing now?”

Bill:  “The first thing the business  should do is step back from the situation and not just  pay the fines, shift employees to part-time, or sign on for health insurance which could significantly  erode profitability. Complying with ACA and avoiding the fines will take creativity.”

John:  “What do you mean?  If a business has a long standing relationship with its insurance advisors why shouldn’t they just listen to them?”

Bill:  “Yes their advisor may have some good ideas but ACA is fluid. Some of the most creative minds in insurance are working on alternative solutions that the employer’s advisor may not know about. At HCP we are particularly working with the businesses that cannot afford health insurance or the fines. We are about to launch insurance solutions that will make the business ACA compliant significantly below the cost of typical health insurance and the fines.”

John:  “How is that possible that an employer can pay less than the fines or the normal cost of health insurance?”

Bill:  “You and I know that insurance is a very big dynamic marketplace. I have spent my career creating solutions to insurance challenges that others say is impossible. We worked with stop-loss underwriters, third party administrators, insurance company executives, reinsurers and insurance attorneys to create the solution we will be launching for ACA.”

John:  “I know from my experience that many see the insurance industry as very fixed. They feel that every professional and consultant has access to the same programs, benefits, plans and strategies. What they can get will be the same no matter who they use, so why you?”

Bill:  “That can be true; however we have created a new benefit plan(s) that will be ACA compliant at a much lower cost than what the standard insurance industry or broker offers for companies with 100 or more employees.”

John:  “That sounds good, but what if the employer says they have heard the options, but it looks like the best thing for them to do is nothing and pay the taxes or fines.”                                                

Bill:   “That is not a good idea. If you pay the$2,000 or $3,000 fines they are not tax deductible which must be paid with after tax revenue, which is huge. The other option for some employers is to cut employees hours to less than 30. That may not be good strategy either. Cutting full time employees to part time creates extra hidden expenses that are not being considered. This creates the need for more managers, scheduling and less efficiency. Our new products will be the cheapest solution for compliance with ACA.  We are very excited with our ACA insurance solutions that will be available soon.”

John:  “It is really good learning there are more to ACA options than I realized.”


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