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( — May 21, 2014) Wollongong, NSW — It is not unusual for the personal trainers to start each day before 4am. “It’s not a matter of having 5 alarms set, it all comes down to discipline and practice” explains Vision Personal Training Studio Manager, Rachel O’Neill.


During the cold months especially it can be very difficult to get out of your warm cosy bed without the help of a snooze button or various alarms going off. Research has revealed that most people find waking up in the morning to be a challenge. Rachel explains a simple and easy ritual to perform to help train your body and your mind to wake up easily to start the day ahead.


The key is training your mind to have the discipline to truly believe it can function at the early hours, whether it is 4am, 5am or even 6am. You need to develop trust that when you wake up at your delegated time, you will be capable of making intelligent decisions and making the right call. “The first step is delegating the problem” O’Neill remarks.


It is a matter of practice makes permanent. It is simply practicing getting up as soon as you hear your alarm go off, eventually it will become second nature and your body will run on autopilot at the sound of your alarm. “It may seem silly at first, but practice this during the day, when you are alert so you can train your subconscious” Rachel explains.


Putting it into Practice


When you do this its import to replicate your sleeping ritual, for example if you brush your teeth before bed, if you wear certain clothes to bed or even read a book before sleeping do the same mundane tasks you perform each night before you go to sleep. Set your alarm to go off after a 10 min lay down or nap.


During this ritual enactment, assume your favourite sleeping position and visualise that you are in a deep sleep and put yourself into a dream location. When you hear your alarm go off, turn it off as fast as you can. Then take a deep breath to fill your lungs with oxygen place your feet on the ground and stand up with a big smile on your face, so you are waking up happy.  Then proceed to do what you typically would after waking up, whether it’s to get dressed or wash your face.


You then need to repeat this process as many times as possible and fit in as many sessions as possible to train your body and your subconscious. Eventually this will become a daily habit and second nature to you and your body. “This will mean you can enjoy those early morning personal training sessions or runs” Rachel remarks. By waking up early and making the time to exercise in the morning you will get more out of the day and feel even more alert helping you to achieve your goals. 

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