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( — May 21, 2014) Dallas, TX — The Snap-On Smile is the newest promotion from For You Dental, run by Dr. Ashlea Drakeford. For anyone that has had their teeth damaged through any type of accident, the amazing process of the Snap-On Smile will help to alleviate any worries the patient might have. For You Dental not only offers Snap-On Smile, but a whole host of other services to suit every member of the family.

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic option for those that are seeking to change the look of their existing smile. However, more often than not, they are more or less permanent. Snap-On Smile is much more cost effective than porcelain veneers and it gives results that match perfectly to the surrounding teeth. Throughout the process of getting both veneers and Snap-On Smile, Dr. Ashlea Drakeford will go through any available options with the patient and give an honest assessment of their current needs.

Dr. Ashlea Drakeford makes use of some incredible technology to give her a more thorough picture of the needs that patients might have. These include the digital x-rays and microscopic cameras, both of which give detailed views of the teeth, jaw, and sinuses. Best of all, with the use of digital imaging, patients have the opportunity to see their results firsthand. To learn more about the Snap-On-Smile, visit:

In addition to the Snap-On Smile, Dr. Ashlea Drakeford also offers a wide range of other procedures. For You Dental has many services that will appeal to patients both young and old, as well as those seeking to either fix their current smile, or replace it entirely. For You Dental also offers general dentistry, such as cleanings and fillings, and restorative dentistry, which will help fix any damage that has been done to your mouth. Whether a patient is looking for dentures, extractions, or root canals, For You Dental certainly lives up to its name. Everything that is done is ‘For You.’ To learn more about Dr. Drakeford and For You Dental, visit:

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