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( — May 21, 2014)  Tampa, Florida — Robert Myers has been working as an employee benefits risk consultant for his Florida business clients for over 20 years. In that time he has provided them with a full range of products and services that go way beyond what other insurance agents or brokers can offer.

He has been working for his Florida business clients for over 20 years. In that time he has provided them with a full range of products and services that go way beyond what other insurance agents or brokers can offer.

There are massive changes happening in the employee benefit and employer group health insurance area due to healthcare reform or Obamacare which is the ACA, the Affordable Care Act. I wanted to learn from an industry professional how he is handling the changes and how he sees employer’s not only complying but moving ahead.

Robert Myers

John: “ACA is the largest legislative change and act ever for employee healthcare benefits. What do you see as some important things employers need to consider?”

Robert: “The first thing that comes to mind is to accept that this is happening. It is not going away. Healthcare reform and the legislation are in place. Just as with any new legislation there will be adapting and adjusting. Details will need to be worked out but that does not mean employers can just wait or delay action.”

John: “Even to professionals this is a confusing time. I have many years of experience in the insurance industry as well and I can say this is not a time for amateurs or for businesses to look to inexperienced agents for help. How do see this?”

Robert: “You are right on needing experience. I see far too many quick fixes and one size fits all programs being offered. When working with businesses of all sizes my approach is to look at the entire business. I have to meet with the owner or owners and the employees they want involved. I am fortunate to be with a company and have experience that includes employee benefits including group health insurance and self funded plans but also we do a great deal more.”

John: “You say you do a great deal more. What do mean by that?”

Robert: “Everything and every agreement that a business does can have a financial affect on the business. It might be right away as with healthcare or it might be something that comes up if an owner is disabled or dies. I see my job as to indentify the risks a business faces then provide strategies that address these risks. What makes what I do different is that I can handle a very wide range of risks.”

John: “Specifically what are some of these risks and benefits plans?”

Robert: “I and my staff handle everything including payroll, workers comp, key man insurance, defined contribution plans, fully insured plans, self funded plans, buy-sell agreements, medical captives, private exchanges and voluntary benefits. There are even more risks and benefits we address with our clients,”

John: “What makes that different from the owners handling one issue like healthcare with one agent or agency and using a different agent or agency for the buy-sell agreement that addresses what you mention above with an owner’s disability and another agent for workers comp and another company for payroll?”

Robert: “I am not saying the other agents don’t do their job well but everything should seamlessly integrate. I am with a very established agency that has the expertise in every area to be sure the job is done well for our clients. I coordinate the entire project so we cover what needs to be covered.  This way my clients avoid both duplication or coverage and that added expense and the possibility that there is a hole in the coverage and the client is exposed.”

John: “That makes sense. You are right on there needing to be a point of coordination. You are that point. What comes to mind is that when I call a company for customer service I get the person that has the least power to do anything and have to work my way up to reach someone that can do something. How does you customer service work?”

Robert: “Interesting you mention that. The way I work is exactly the opposite. My clients don’t work their way up. My client’s start with me and then I assign the proper person to the task. My clients are my priority and they know it especially when something difficult happens. I am there for them. We are there for them. I don’t want there to be any issues but there always will be some even if what is happening is something I have handled 100 times before. If it is important to my client it is important to me.”

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