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 ( — May 30, 2014) Fernandina Beach, Florida — Building owners that have had either homes or commercial buildings built in the area were interviewed and surveyed asking questions about their experience working with local contractors in the Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee area. Questions were asked about building design, home building, commercial building, remodeling, and alterations. It was felt that it was important to discover who was perceived as doing exceptional work in the area.

After some 127 people, who have had some form of construction work completed, were contacted, 73 individuals or businesses, returned the forms and allowed phone follow up conversations. The ‘Amelia Island Marketing Institute’ believed they had a reasonable, but non-scientific, sample.

Interestingly only one name appeared more than a dozen times!  Shawn Kirouac from The Kirouac Group being cited numerous times. Based on this overwhelming majority Shawn Kirouac and ‘The Kirouac Group’ was awarded the title “Best Local Design Build Contractor on Amelia Island.”

When people in the area and in the building trade were contacted about the poll they seemed to have split reactions to Shawn Kirouac’s laying claim to the prestigious title; varying from utter amazement that one person or company in this area could be so popular and stand out by such a large margin, to complete agreement over the selection.

Shawn Kirouac was most likely recognized as Best Local Design Build Contractor by colleagues in large part credited to the hard work Shawn has done building rapport and understanding client’s requirements in a very engaging manner. This has been coupled by engaging local supply businesses, sub-contractors and professionals in a cooperative and mutually beneficial appraoch.  As a recognized building and construction professional that focuses on design build, Shawn has made quite a name for himself in this area.

Making claim of the official title was not unusual to a large portion of individuals who took part in the survey.  Shawn has worked hard to bring his education, skills, experience, knowledge and great results to the local construction scene.

After the final results were in, Kirouac was quoted as saying “To be candid, I did not even realize that there was a survey being carried out at all. I’m flabbergasted that many folks around town know my name in such a short space of time!”

Mr. Kirouac was also overheard mentioning “I work hard on my business, I have been learning a lot over the past year and am definitely ecstatic about what I have going on in 2014. Hearing that individuals here in Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach and surrounding Yulee have actually recognized me as Best Local Design Build Contractor is not just an honor, it’s also a privilege. Thanks a ton to all my team, my clients, my associates, our sub contractors and my construction peers that took part in the vote”.

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Northeast Florida’s Premier Design Builder The Kirouac Group, LLC is a top-quality design-build construction firm that specializes in innovative and environmentally responsive custom homes, remodels and commercial projects in Florida. With creative solutions ranging from traditional to contemporary, we strive to exceed our clients expectations, while maintaining a focus on excellence, professionalism, service and craftmanship. What sets The Kirouac Group apart from other builders and building contractors in the area is that we never build the same design twice. The vision of our clients is the most important element of our design process. Our reputation as the design-builder of choice for exceptional custom homes and commercial spaces was founded upon this unmatched commitment. Superior construction, luxurious craftsmanship and timeless design are not enough to build the perfect home or commercial space. We ensure that each project is customized to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. The Kirouac Group designs and builds custom properties known for their breathtaking aesthetics, unsurpassed craftsmanship and environmentally responsive construction. Innovative and versatile, every design-build solution is a result of the client’s vision and the expertise of our design and construction teams.

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