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( — May 30, 2014) Hilo, Hawaii — Healing Oasis, multimedia publisher and provider of health products and services based on the methods of Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, announced the opening of registration for its first online course, Natural Vision Improvement: Eye Exercises 101. The new course is provided online through Udemy, the world’s largest destination for online coursework.

The course emphasizes the expansion of peripheral vision as the essential first step in vision improvement regimens in contrast to most conventional eye exercises. 

The content of the new course covers spatial awareness as the ground of consciousness. The 9 levels of conscious development in the Clinical Theory of Everything provide the outline for successive levels of exploration of peripheral vision and its integration with other sensory, cognitive and motor functions.

Research on eye exercises has found that typical eye exercises focused on eye movement performance tends to reduce peripheral visual function. This effect is related to increased effort, tension and strain in the six extraocular muscles that coordinate the movement of each eye. 

The new approach is unique in its organization around a new meta-model of the structure of consciousness and its natural sequence of growth and development. In contrast, most approaches, both professional and popular, are grounded primarily in a materially-based anatomical understanding of the eye and vision.

Dr. Swartwout’s new course will be a prerequisite for a sequence of eight additional courses to develop increasingly higher levels of visual development. The sequence is strategically designed according to the way that consciousness functions and develops according to the Clinical Theory of Everything. The new clinical theory integrates observations of consciousness development from Western psychology as well as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The higher level courses will target enhancement of visual processes that directly govern attention, focus, clear thinking, intention, organization, socialization, and spirituality as well as manifestation of one’s life vision. The structure of each course includes a fractal representation of the overall sequence.

Healing Oasis is the publisher of Dr. Swartwout’s books and DVDs. Other book titles available on Amazon in print and digital format are Cataract Solutions, Healing Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration… …Macular Regeneration, The Shire: Glendalf’s Guide to Cultivating Your Future Self, Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions, Nous Energy, Dry Eye Relief, Materia Medica, and Anima Medica.

DVD titles available on Amazon are A Clinical Theory of Everything, The Five Phases of Disease, The Five Phases of Healing, The Five Tissue Layers, The Five Levels of Regulation, The Five Elements of Spiritual Development, The Hard Quesion of Consciousness, and The Arrow of Time.

The first 1000 purchasers of any Healing Oasis publication who leave an honest rating and review and forward a copy of their purchase receipt and Amazon review to Healing Oasis at are to receive free life access to the Natural Vsion Improvement 101 course regularly priced at $197.

Dr. Swartwout graduated at the top of his doctoral class at the State University of New York, the highest rated training program for Doctors of Optometry. His first clinic was in Japan, where he established the Optometric Center of Tokyo. For this and his pioneering research in biofeedback, color therapy and nutritional reversal of eye diseases, he was named Holistic Optometrist of the Year by the International Society for Holistic Optometry.

As a child, Dr. Swartwout began losing his vision when his father, a pioneer in Behavioral and Developmental Optometry, trained at Yale’s Gesell Institute of Child Development, intervened with Optomeric Visual Training. His vision stabilized, and his academic performance went from C’s to straight A’s.


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