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( — June 2, 2014) Bradford, Ontario — What makes a dentist want to give away more than $140,000 worht of Free Dental Care to his community? “It’s simple,” shrugs Dr. Jesse Chai, Owner and Lead Dentist at Bradford Family Dentistry, “I’m a good Dentist, and I want to give away something I’m good at.”

For the last 3 years, Dr. Chai and his dedicated team of staff and community volunteers have been donating their time and resources to providing free Dental Care to as many people as possible through an event called Dentistry From The Heart.

This year was no exception. On Friday May 30, Dr.Chai’s and his award winning team gave away more than $28,000 worth of free Dental care to people in Bradford and the surrounding area who really needed their help.

The one day event – Dentistry From the Heart – was designed to help people in the community who could not afford regular dental care on their own. Dr. Chai remarked, “This is the 4th time we’ve had the privilege of hosting Dentistry From the Heart and each year we’re overwhelmed with the number of people that need this kind of care.”

In 2001, Dentistry From The Heart, began in the United States with New Port Richey dentist Dr. Vincent Monticciolo. He recognized that millions of Americans were suffering in economic crisis did not have insurance or the means to pay for dental care. As a way of giving back to the community he began providing free dental care and the word spread to a network of caring dental professionals.

“I could not do this on my own,” Dr Chai commented. “Thank you to my wonderful Team and volunteers for making this another successful event! We helped 104 people and donated a total of $28,915 of free Dental Care. Fantastic job ladies. You all worked very hard and I’m very proud to have you on my team.”

The first person to wait in line was a gentleman named Robert who arrived at midnight to feet a tooth fixed. “I thought the line would have been longer,” he said, “but I’m glad I waited all night. I feel so much better now!” 

Robert was one of the lucky 104 guests to be seen last Friday. Unfortunately, more than 40 others had to be turned away due to the restriction of time. 

“We expect that next year we will be able to give away even more help to more people just because of our expansion,” Dr. Chai told a group of reporters. His offices are going to be expanded considerably and his staff will undoubtably also grow. “Next year’s Dentistry From the Heart day here at Bradford Family Dentistry will give even more people a reason to smile.”

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