Utah’s “SEO Badass” Is Visiting Kansas

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(Newswire.net — June 2, 2014) Lehi, Utah — Enliven Group’s co-founder, Sean Burrows, will be paying a visit to the Sunflower State where he will be giving a breakfast training in Wichita on the “New Basics of SEO.”  The breakfast will be hosted by innovative digital marketing agency RSA Marketing.


Earlier this year, Burrows announced that he would be training with nationally recognized business coach, Kim Flynn at her semi-annual Internet Marketing Bootcamp, and out of sheer whim put out a press release followed by a Google Hangout bearing the title Utah’s SEO Badass to Give Encore Lecture at Internet Marketing Bootcamp


“The press release was to serve as a unique example for that particular training,” recalls Burrows.  “But somehow, the silly title has more than caught on.  I guess that happens when you have as many happy clients as we do.”


On May 21, RSA Marketing put out a press release announcing their “Breakfast With the SEO Badass” at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 10 at its offices at 145 N. Hydraulic in Wichita Kansas; and so the name carries on across state lines.


The event is free although a reservation is required. Reservations may be submitted by calling 316-977-9600 or by emailing jcole@rsaconnect.com.


“I’m excited to share our unique approach in the search engine marketing world with a fresh audience.  While what we do is based on what Google points out as best practices, it is amazing how many SEO agencies and consultants are stuck in 2012 with the practices they employ for their clients,” Burrows adds.  “So while what we do and how we approach things is cutting edge, none of it is a secret, and none of it is a mystery, and I’m excited to help a few business owners in Kansas get caught up.  It makes everyone’s experience on the web richer and benefits all of us.”


Mr. Burrows will be holding a brief live preview Google+ Hangout giving attendees a taste of what they can expect the morning of June 10th. To watch the live broadcast you may visit the Google+ page here.



About Sean Burrows

Sean Burrows is Managing Director of Enliven Group LLC and comes from a background in website conversion analysis, interactive media consulting, web-based public relations, and search-based marketing. He is a regular guest lecturer at Westminster College’s Gore School of Business in Salt Lake City, and regularly speaks at Chamber of Commerce events, and business events around the United States.


In 2005, Mr. Burrows co-founded Enliven Group, an interactive media consulting firm that manages comprehensive online marketing and public relations campaigns.


Enliven Group provides services in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development, social media management, copy writing, and full web presence audits.

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