Newport Pontoons Becomes Exclusive Dealer for Everglades Boats

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( — June 4, 2014) Newport Beach, California — Newport Pontoons, located on the web at, offers quality pontoon boats, and other vestles of all types.  In addition to other high-quality craft, the company has recently become the exclusive southern California dealer for Everglades Boats, an incredible line of technologically-advanced off-shore fishing boats designed and sold by Bob Dougherty, the mastermind behind the Boston Whaler V-Bottom boat design.

At 82 years of age, Bob Dougherty is still involved in the family business, Everglades Boats.  This is not surprising, considering that he has spent more than 50 years perfecting the crafting of quality fishing boats, first for Boston Whaler and then as part of his own company.  As the Senior Vice-President of Product Development at Boston Whaler, Dougherty was responsible for the design of the company’s most famous boats, the V-Bottoms, and was said to be the “Father of the Unsinkable Boat.”  His creations were known throughout the industry as the strongest boats on the water; however, Dougherty felt he could do more.

In 1999, after leaving Boston Whaler, he began his own company, Everglades Boats.  He then put into practice an idea he had that would completely revolutionize the way boats were made.  Instead of injecting fill between the boat’s deck and hull, he fashioned a pre-molded filler that, when inserted into the hull and sprayed with fiberglass, bonds with the deck material and creates a super-strong structure.  Everglades Boats are known to have the strongest hulls in the industry and offer 100 percent fill between the hull and deck rather than the 70 percent seen in some injectable hulls.  This process, which became known as RAMCAP® construction for Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process, has taken the boating world by storm and once again vaulted Bob Dougherty into the spotlight.

Now, Newport Pontoons has been chosen as the exclusive dealer for Everglades Boats for the region of California south of Bakersfield.  The company is proud to feature the expertise of Mr. Dougherty and his company, winner of the NNMA Innovation Awards in 1999, 2002 and 2005.  Serious boaters can find Everglades Boats only at Newport Pontoons, the company dedicated to providing the very best fishing craft in southern California.

About Newport Pontoons:   Newport Pontoons is not only the exclusive dealer for Everglades Boats but also sells luxury pontoon boats as seen at and provides cruises on Newport Harbor in state-of-the-art party boats 


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