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( — June 4, 2014) Simi Valley, California –Many feel called to life-coaching, to guiding others to realize their personal and professional visions. However, determining that next step in the life coach training process is difficult. Numerous programs certify life coaches, and it can be hard to discover the program that will really lead to success. Life Mastery Institute, the industry leader in life coach training, found at, has developed a unique approach that not only leads to success as a life coach, but also to successful businesses for life coaches, and the institute is thrilled to announce its DreamBuilder Coaching Seminars.


The 90-day DreamBuilder program aids clients as they work toward a vision for their lives, both personally and professionally. Life Mastery Institute’s DreamBuilder Coaching seminars certify life coaches to enable them to present this program effectively. In addition to learning how to become a life coach, as outlined at, the DreamBuilder

Coaching seminars have a special focus on sales and marketing, a component that, although essential, is often missing from other life coach training programs. Participants in Life Mastery Institute’s DreamBuilder Coaching program work on moderating discussions, honing public speaking skills, designing a compelling website, and developing effective marketing strategies to attract new



For success as a career life coach or spiritual life coach, as described at, Life Mastery Institute’s DreamBuilders Coaching seminars have the life coach training, sales and marketing concentration, and one-on-one support to make a life-coaching dream a reality.

About Us: Life Mastery Institute is the preeminent life coach training and certification program. Founded by best-selling author and life coach powerhouse Mary Morrissey, the institute’s DreamBuilder coaching seminars provide both intensive life coach training and sales and marketing guidance to ensure complete success for their life coaches.


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