SEO Marketing Changes The Face of Advertising

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( — June 7, 2014)  — Reset Strategies, a leading SEO marketing and advertising company based in Louisville, Kentucky promises to help businesses increase profits and recoup income that has been trickling away. Many businesses are unknowingly or at times, knowingly losing revenue. Much of the loss is due to inefficient business practices and strategies that are outdated and overused. Reset Strategies, founded in 2009, partners with businesses to review current business practices and identify ways to grow revenue. The company begins by conducting a comprehensive assessment of how a business is doing and then identifies areas where revenue is being lost as well as ways to increase income. By following the steps outlined in the strategic growth plan provided by Reset Strategies, businesses are guaranteed a 3 to 1 return on investments. The best news is that all this is done without spending any additional money on advertising and marketing.


Reset Strategies tops traditional marketing firms in Lousiville Kentucky by offering 1 of 4 ways to grow a business and revealing to customers “the only 4” ways for growth. This business growth model will yield an increase in business in several areas, including a greater number of new prospects, increased sales conversions, higher average transactions and an increase in the frequency of customer purchases. Most marketing and advertising companies will automatically look at ways to gain new customers by upping the businesses’ profile in the global market place. Reset Strategies, on the other hand, looks at ways to increase the efficiency of a current business plan, thus optimizing sales and revenue. One key element in this process is keeping customers satisfied because satisfied customers become return customers. The best way to gain business prospects is by referral, and happy customers tell people about positive experiences.


The marketing and advertising industry is filled with companies that pledge to help businesses make more money. These companies focus on traditional advertising tools and techniques. This can make choosing the right company a challenge for today’s businesses. Louisville SEO Reset Strategies stands out from other marketing and advertising firms because the company is committed to demonstrating and teaching businesses a variety of tips and techniques that reach beyond traditional marketing, including new insights in web advertising. There is an abundance of untouched marketing potential and sources of income that have been overlooked by businesses over the years. Most businesses simply do not have the time, money or resources needed to conduct an intensive review. SEO Louisville company Reset Strategies dedicates the time and resources needed to tap into these income earning sources while businesses focus on the day to day operations and demands of running a successful business. Reset Strategies does the work for businesses, provides the data and statistics they need to measure success, and then creates a strategic growth plan designed to meet the needs of individual businesses. Contact the experts at Reset Strategies today to increase sales and revenue and tap into the profits available in the global market place.


Reset Strategies has many satisfied clients who chose to RESET the financial direction of their company using the 7 step guaranteed growth system. The same system used by the likes of Dell & IBM. Reset Strategies was formed based on feedback from business owners who were frustrated with results from traditional advertising & web marketing spends. Led by founder Chad Celi & Managing Partner Brad Gaines, Reset Strategies is the first & only consulting firm in Louisville to guarantee results. For the past 5 years the firm has worked with some of the most prominent companies in Louisville & only takes on a select number of clients each year. The leadership believes that maximum attention is vital to reset a company for sustained growth. Both Chad & Brad are Amazon best-selling authors for their contributions to books collaborated with marketing legend Dan Kennedy & thought leader Steve Forbes. The founder, Chad Celi has also appeared in Forbes magazine & on affiliate TV networks of FOX, CBS, & NBC. As seen in Forbes magazine: “Overconfidence is killing American businesses. Times have changed and how you market must change as well. Test new headlines, new messages, new scripts, new channels, new partnerships, new offers, new sequences, new approaches, new risk reversals…Reset what you’re doing now to thrive in the new year.” Chad Celi, Founder of Reset Strategies


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