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Dr. Carol L Roberts is a Harvard educated medical doctor who has practiced surgery and emergency medicine, and turned to holistic/functional medicine over the past two decades, works at the Perlmutter Health Center in Naples.  Dr. David Perlmutter, founder of the Center, has been a well renowned voice and television personality that has been the advocate for better holistic and natural health.  Roberts and Perlmutter seem to be the perfect synergistic medical team that has taken their traditional medical training and education and actively spoken freely to the public in advising better ways to lead a healthier and cost beneficial life.


Dr. Roberts believes in conducting open discussions of new trends and approaches in health improvement. She utilizes functional medicine, nutrition, and balancing of  hormones.  She promotes striving to attain increased energy and joy in living for a better and more proactive quality of life.


Her seminars are dynamic and interactive making each gathering collaborative and an opportunity for expression.  Everyone has their own individual issues that affect their health and no two people are identical in their experience.  Given that, Dr. Roberts serves her local communities by opening the hearts and minds of those around her that are seeking a better way towards healthy living.  


Join her in her monthly wellness seminars and have some fun while learning how to get healthier by attending the following events at:  Creative Scripts  700 Goodlette Road  (239) 261-0050



July 24 – Digestive Disorders – What You Can Do

Aug 28 – The Human Energy Field

Sept 25 – Herbal Medicine



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Carol Roberts MD

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