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Isanti, Minnesota, 6/8/2014 — Tab and Slot, LLC pioneers a brand new approach to laser cutting online that reaches out to anybody who needs on-demand laser service for sheet metal and tubing applications. Customers are the key driving force behind the on-demand services, they specify exactly what needs to be done. Tab and Slot delivers fast, easy, and experienced service to every customer.

Tab and Slot owner Dave Iago said, “We want everyone who designs, fabricates and welds to understand that laser cutting is within their reach now. Tab and slot has adopted a lean manufacturing philosophy that allows us to offer same day, on demand laser cutting to everyone with no minimum purchase. Hi-tech processes are often the difference between a mediocre part and the top shelf piece that was originally conceived.”

In the grand age of technology and innovation, uses an online laser cutting quoting process that delivers instant quotes when a customer uploads their ready to cut files.  “Our customers deserve the most accurate and punctual service possible,” said Tab and Slot Jr. Mechanical Designer Connor Willis. “The online laser cutting platform provides clients with precise pricing, and instant ordering. Customers can also track their order and re-order history and retrive shipping information with the click of a mouse”

The next stage of online laser cutting involves a specialized online quoting process for every product that goes through the website. They quote jobs online by material, size, weight, and overall design processes of that particular job. Shipping and other expenses are calculated as well. The online quoting and laser cutting processes don’t require any kind of minimum purchase, which makes everything move even quicker for both the customer and Tab and Slot.

For additional information please contact: Dave Iago at Tab and Slot, LLC by phone (651-800-4877), Fax (651-389-9300) or email (

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About Tab and Slot, LLC: Tab and Slot LLC was formed after recognizing a need in the marketplace for on demand laser cutting with no minimums. Founded by Dave Iago in 2014 as a result of not being able to find a reliable laser cutter to support his ongoing design and invention needs. aims to provide solutions for those small to medium shops with a need for laser work, but never had that strategic partner they could count on. By leveraging lean manufacturing philosophies, Tab and Slot LLC hopes to fill that hole in the marketplace by providing hassle-free online laser cutting for hobbyists, home builders and shops of all sizes, across all verticals.

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