Pearl Distributors Announces Feshwater Pearl Necklace Giveaway

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( — June 10, 2014) Los Angeles, CA — Pearl Distributors, an established leader in Pearl Jewelry, today announced plans for its upcoming “Pearl Distributors Freshwater Pearl Necklace Giveaway”. It will be held for the entire month of June and closing to entries July 3rd. and the winner will receive a Freshwater pearl necklace in their choice of pearl color, White, peach, lavender, black or multicolor.

Miriam Reed, Owner at Pearl Distributors, said consumers can enter the contest at by July 3, 2014.


“Growing up, I had a lot of older relatives that wore lovely strings of creamy white pearl necklaces. I use to admire their shimmer from afar and wished I could have a single strand necklace of my own. Back then, I got the impression that pearls were mostly worn by the elderly. My mom informed me that because they were real pearls and not synthetic knock offs, my elderly relatives were the only ones who could afford them. How things have changed as we’ve fast forwarded into the 21st century,” said Lilac Pierce of, “Pearl Distributors Freshwater Pearl Necklace Giveaway is celebrating that June’s birthstone just happens to be the pearl, and I can’t think of a nicer gift to give or receive. June is also the most popular month for weddings.  A bride adorned with a delicate pearl set, looks so elegant and refined. Pearls add that special touch and make you feel so glamorous. I’ve also seen pearls added to veils, trains, and hats.”

For complete rules of the Pearl Distributors “Pearl Distributors Freshwater Pearl Necklace Giveaway” , call (800) 913-0676 or visit today.

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Founded in 2008, Pearl Distributors has helped many consumers with Pearl Jewelry. The company’s mission statement is “Pearl Distributors goal is to Provide guaranteed best quality Pearl Jewelry and quality service for our Customers throughout the World at an Incomparable Value Proposition.  Visit for more information.”. To learn more about Pearl Distributors, you should call (800) 913-0676 or visit them online at


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