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( — June 11, 2014) Miami, Florida –While email has redefined the word ‘practical’ in the modern marketplace and enabled executives to handle communication when it is the most convenient, traditional mail has not been replaced. There are many instances in which physical copies must be forwarded to someone quickly, and traditional mail is the only way to do so. The experts in virtual receptionist services, described at, offer mail forwarding services to clients throughout the world.

Offix Solutions has three tiers of virtual assistant services, allowing businesses to choose the plan that works best. The virtual office in Miami, found at, supplements its Executive and Corporate plans with convenient mail forwarding, in which highly trained staff receive mail and forward it to the appropriate company team member. These two levels also feature a dedicated phone numbers, professionally recorded phone greetings with menu options, and call forwarding to mobile lines, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training an in-house receptionist. With Offix Solutions, there are no activation fees, cancellation fees, per-minute charges, or contracts, and clients can easily sign-up for services online.


For the very best in virtual office service, seen at, Offix Solutions has the knowledgeable staff, creative plans, and affordable pricing to support any office, anywhere in the world.

About Us: Offix Solutions is the industry leader in virtual office solutions. The Miami-based business excels in creating flexible plans of assistant services, from mail management and call forwarding to automated answering services and live receptionists, all at a price companies can afford.

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